• Westlight - Rooftop Bar

    Westlight is a rooftop bar with sweeping views of Manhattan from atop the 22nd floor of The William Vale hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is probably one of the best views in New York City.

    Westlight possesses a huge terrace with comfortable sofas, nice chairs, and big tables where you can dine on small bites inspired by street food and cooked by Chef Andrew Carmellini. It has also great, yellow binoculars to view Manhattan up close.

    Inside the rooftop, there is a small bar decorated with a myriad of alcohol bottles and tables set lounge style. The cocktail menu was pretty good; their Cheeky Cherry Cola was a hit with our kids. It also had a quite long and exhaustive list of spirits, and a good selection of local beers, but most surprising  was their wine list which included some favorites of ours like Pierre Péters Blanc de Blanc, Billecart Salmon Rosé, Bruno Paillard Brut Premier or Krug Grand Cuvée.

    We had to talk with the Manager of Westlight, Matthew Sylvester, to understand how Westlight had all these great bottles and found out that he went to Europe last summer to select most of the wines that were on the wine list.

    Our group went to Westlight for a drink -- and also, of course, for the view.  We were accompanied by our kids ranging from eight to fourteen years old. They were all delighted by the breathtaking views of Manhattan at dusk.  Initially we did not intend to stay for dinner, but kids being kids, after admiring the great view at length, decided they were starving and were ready for some mighty burgers and French fries.

    The bar's policy only allowed "kids" under 21 to stay until 7pm, after that it's adults only. Luckily for us, Matthew Sylvester was very understanding after we told him that we were coming from France and Italy to enjoy New York City for a week, that our kids were well behaved and used to eating at Michelin-starred restaurants. He made an exception and allowed us to stay for dinner provided we would vacate the premises at 9pm sharp.  We gave him our words, he kindly reserved a table for the ten of us. He and his team played host to us and waited our party perfectly.  As agreed, we left at 9pm on the dot. Thank you Matthew for a great evening!

    The food was quite good for street food, from the spicy coconut cashews to the Westlight Burgers, even if it did not come cheap: prices ranged from 8 USD to 21 USD.

    Nevertheless, if you have only time for one rooftop bar in New York City, we highly recommend you go to Westlight in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



    111 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA

    Tel : +1 718-307-7100


    Westlight - Rooftop Bar

    Westlight - Rooftop Bar

    Westlight - Rooftop Bar

    Westlight - Rooftop Bar





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