• Vrijmoed

    Littleboboon was in Ghent for the Ascension weekend and we took this opportunity to explore the culinary scene of Belgium.

    Our first discovery was VrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoed, we went there for dinner. Michael Vrijmoed belongs to the new generation of talented chefs in Belgium and also in Europe.

    His restaurant is located in a bourgeois town house with art deco alcoves, it is a rather big place by one-Michelin star standards.

    Benjamin De Buck, our sommelier and host, welcomed us and once we were settled at our table he took our drinks order: a cup of Champagne Dufour by Charles, which was bottled especially for the restaurant. The amuse-bouche arrived promptly to wet our appetite.

    We opted for the “Vrijmoed” menu in five services which consisted of one starter, two main dishes and two desserts. The menu changes every week.

    From the first dish of smoked eel to the desserts (first one made with rhubarb and the second one, an incredible dessert made with spinach!), every plate was original, full of flavors and gourmand, but there was one dish that stood out for us: the haddock dish. Amazing!

     The wine list was comprehensive with a few original references and, to remind you that you are indeed in Belgium, you’ll also find a great selection of crafted beers.

    The service was fluid, in the right tempo and led by the charming and affable Benjamin De Buck.

    If you want to have great food, good service and a wonderful evening out in Ghent, no doubt this is the place you’re looking for.



    Vlaanderenstraat 22
    9000 Gent

    Tel: +32 9 279 99 77
    Fax: +32 9 279 99 78
    Email: info@vrijmoed.be



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