• Tokuyoshi

    After our wonderful lunch at Lume where tradition meets innovation, we wondered what other restaurant in Milan could possibly offer us something as original and creative? The answer is Tokuyoshi.


    Tokuyoshi is the restaurant of Yoji Tokuyoshi, who came to fame as second to Massimo Bottura at the Osteria Francescana.

    Most critics credit chef Tokuyoshi with chanelling Massimo Botura's crazy energy and creativity into dishes while he worked at the Osteria Francescana.The rest is history as Osteria Francescana obtained three stars in the Michelin Guide.

    Now on his own, Yoji Tokuyoshi can execute what he calls “Contamined Italian Cuisine” contaminating Italian cuisine with Japanese heritage and his personal experience.

    Tokuyoshi project seemed serious – and pretentious, but in fact it was the exact opposite: playful, fun, creative and extremely concise in its conception, realization and presentation. Each dish was thought out like a piece of art, for exemple his version of the Pizza Capricciosa, a pure player as music geeks would say.

    Chef Tokuyoshi accomplished a tour de force with all his dishes by creating a distinctly Italian dish with a touch of Japanese and Asian flavors.

    The service had a touch of French and English class.

    For the wine, the in-house sommelier suggested a wine pairing with our choice of menu, or a selection of infused cold teas. The restaurant also had a vast array of sakes.

    Tokuyoshi and Lume in Milan reconciled us with Italian haute-cuisine. Their cuisines are masterworks that illuminate the city of Milan but also the entire Italian gastronomy.



    Via S. Calocero, 3

    20123 Milano MI, Italy

    Tel: +39 02 8425 4626TokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshiTokuyoshi



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