• The Multitalented Monsieur Prévôt

    Jean Jacques Prévôt  is a legend in Luberon, Provence  and his restaurant Prévôt  in Cavaillon is worth a visit not only for his flavorful cuisine, his “Melon Love Story” menu and his Mélanis, an aperitif based on melonflower anise, almonds, herbs and spices, a unique creation of Jean Jacques Prévôt, but also for the personality of the chef himself. Jean Jacques Prévôt is artist, a painter and sculptor who designs all his dishes.

    The day we visited for lunch in a hot mid-august, we were welcomed by the charming Sandra Prévôt who is also a very good sommelier.  At lunch time there is an attractive lunch menu at 32 euros (Entrée, Main Course and Dessert) or you have several choices among the menu “Saveur du Luberon” or the “Melon Love Story” mentionned earlier or à la carte.

    We started with the famous aperitif Mélanis which was totally refreshing and euphoric when you step out of the intense heat of summertime, the rest of his cuisine was  mingles flavors and aromas to create gourmet dishes in which all the ingredients combine and complement each other to the rhythm of summer.

    All the dishes were served by the chef himself and accompanied by glasses of wine have been carefully advised by Sandra Prévôt. That illustrates an excellent and charming service; the whole experience happened in a comfortable setting that was sober and freshly decorated.


    Restaurant Prévôt

    Table gastronomique - Ateliers de cuisine
    353, avenue du Verdun - 84300 Cavaillon

    Tél. : +33 (0)4 90 71 32 43
    Mail : contact@restaurant-prevot.comDSC05447DSC05448DSC05451DSC05450DSC05452DSC05458DSC05457DSC05456DSC05455DSC05454DSC05453DSC05460DSC05461

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