• Scotch Whisky Experience Edinburgh

    Scotch Whisky Experience is fun experience fro whisky lovers or novices like us, the location is on the same street that leads to the Edinburgh castle.


    When the visitors enter the museum, they are invited to visit the shop which is expertly and beautifully displayed with all types of bottles and products based on the whisky flavors, but also souvenirs and paraphernalia from Scotland.


    The tour started with a « Barrel Guide »  which involves jumping into a (clean!) “whisky barrel,” and riding your way through the production stages in a “whisky distillery.”


    At the Scotch Whisky Experience, they’ve integrated the background information into a ride, using video and sound to capture the visitors attention with the key information of each stage, in a very clever way, and it did hold the attention much better than a typical speech from a tour guide.


    Once the ride is over, the visitors moved into cinema room where a film will feature different landscapes and regions where whiskies have been produced through out centuries. 

    When the film is over,  our guide invited us to the nosing and tasting area for an introduction to the five Scotch producing regions — Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, Islay, and Campbeltown, and to work at discerning the differences in terms of taste and aroma.


    Our guide introduced us to the four main regions, and helped us through the aromas using the scratch and sniff and some actual whisky.


    After the nosing, it’s time for tasting the Scotch and we have to choose which region we wish to taste by putting our whisky glass on the color that represents the region on the card that has been handled out to us by our guide.


    The highlights at the end of our experience, we are invited to enter into hidden place that houses the world’s largest collection of whisky, and where we can marvel at each of the 3,384 bottles displayed.


    The best is for the end our visit when the guide informed us that we can keep our beautiful glasses in which we had tasted our whisky.


    Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre

    The Royal Mile, 354 Castlehill

    Edinburgh EH1 2NE, UK

    Telephone : +44 131 220 0441



    kScotch Whisky Experience Edinburgh

    Scotch Whisky Experience Edinburgh

    Scotch Whisky Experience Edinburgh

    Scotch Whisky Experience Edinburgh

    Scotch Whisky Experience Edinburgh

    Scotch Whisky Experience Edinburgh

    Scotch Whisky Experience Edinburgh

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