• Pan Y Vino - Menorca

    The restaurant Pan y Vino in Sant Lluis is one the best and most affordable restaurants in Menorca.

    The chef, Patrick James, and our host, Noelia Zardoya, are the married couple who owns the place. They offer a set menu that changes every day and for 37 euros you can get three courses: starters, main and dessert.  It is to be noted that, should you wish to swap one of the menu dishes for another à la carte you can do that with no extra fee.Pan Y Vino - MenorcaPan Y Vino - MenorcaPan Y Vino - MenorcaPan Y Vino - MenorcaPan Y Vino - MenorcaPan Y Vino - MenorcaPan Y Vino - Menorca

    We elected to celebrate our son's 6th birthday there and were greeted by Noelia – in perfect French - like we were members of the club. Noelia and the team even prepared a special chocolate birthday cake especially for our boy. What a nice surprise and generous touch from all of them!

    Generosity, kindness and quality are what makes Pan y Vino a successful restaurant. The food is good, generous and refined. Patrick James knows how to mix French cooking with local ingredients and a touch of exotic flavors.

    The local wines and cavas are well represented on the wine list which offers eclectic choices from France and others regions of Spain.

    And Noelia Zardoya leads the service with charm and efficiency – and in at least three different languages (Spanish, French, English).


    Pan y Vino 

    Address : Camí de la Coixa, 3 - Torret - Sant Lluis - Menorca

    Tel. reservations (0034) 971 15 02 01









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