Shirosaka * - Hideki Li – Tokyo - Japan


    Ishaara – Dipesh Shinde – Mumbai – India


    Hide Above * – Ollie Dabbous– London– England


    Solstice – Eric Trochon - Paris – France


    Rijks Restaurant * – Joris Bijdendijk – Amsterdam– Holland


    Enyaa – Daisuke Endo – Paris – France


    Fleur de Pavé  – Sylvain Sendra– Paris – France


    Armonia – Andrea Di Giovanni– Paris – France


    Le Mavrommatis * – Andreas Mavrommatis – Paris – France


    Le restaurant du Palais Royal * – Philippe Chronopoulos– Paris -France


    Restaurant de Tourrel * – Jérémy Scalia– St Rémy de Provence - France


    Kei  ** – Kei Kobayashi– Paris –France


    Mos * – Egon Van Hoof – Avignon - France


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  • Madrid vs Barcelona... Could be the 21st century's tale of two cities, it is definitely the real "clasico", in terms of football of course but also just about everything else: from architecture to gastronomy, from culture to lifestyle, from entertainment to geography.

    Madrid has certainly more titles in la Liga and the Champion's League, but for design and architecture, Barcelona is one step ahead with iconic landmarks such as la Sagrada Familia -- certainly one of the most recognizable monuments in the world. Madrid cannot compete in that area, it is a clear win for Barcelona. 

    However Madrid has more famous museums like the Prado, the Reina Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza.

    Barcelona has the beach and the Mediterranean sea, Madrid does not.

    Madrid has a more vibrant and active nightlife than Barcelona.

    Barcelona offers more cultural events and festivals like Primavera, Sonar sound festival, Sant Jordi or the neighborhood celebrations of Gracia and Merce.

    Going to the movies is more affordable in Barcelona than Madrid's €16.70 single-ticket!

    Barcelona has greater weather than Madrid where it is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

     Kids are well looked after in both Madrid and Barcelona. There are some good science museums in both cities. Kids will appreciate the modern art of Picasso and Dali (perhaps even more than most adults), and there's plenty of it in both cities. But it is Barcelona's modernist art like Parc Güell that will capture the children's imagination best. 

    For foodies it might be a little bit cheaper to eat in Madrid, but if you want to taste great food, Barcelona is your city with its  Michelin starred restaurants, its creativity and audacity, even the tapas and the paellas are better in Barcelona.

     For the Littleboboon team, it's a tie: if you want to have a great weekend with nice weather, sunbathing on the beach,  beautiful architecture and incredible creative food, Barcelona is your pick. But if a lively nightlife, cheap tapas and great museums are what you are looking for then you will have to go for Madrid.



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  • Corner House * – Jason Tan – Singapore, Singapore

    Lume * – Luigi Taglienti – Milan – Italy

    Tokuyoshi * – Yoji Tokuyoshi – Milan – Italy

    Automne – Nobuyuki Askishige – Paris – France

    Adrian Quetglas * – Adrien Quetglas – Mallorca – Spain

    Villa in the Sky** – Alexandre Dioniso – Brussels - Belgium

    Dan B.* – Dan Bessoudo – Ventabren – France

    Oka – Raphaël Rego – Paris – France

    Atomix * – Junghyun Park – New York – USA

    NE/SO – Guillaume Sanchez – Paris -France

    Gabriel Kreuther ** – Gabriel Kreuther – New York – USA

    L’Hommage – Jonathan Lor – Paris –France

    Pollen – Mathieu Desmaret – Avignon - France

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  • La Compagnie, the boutique airline, operates a 74-seat 100% business class flight between Paris (Orly Sud) and Newark, NJ airport. There are two flights a day.

    Below are the ratings from 0 (very poor) to 10 (outstanding) for our flight B0100 from Orly Sud to Newark airport on Saturday, October 27th 2018 :
    • Checking in with La Compagnie at Orly Sud was smooth and easy: 7/10.

    • Priority lane to immigration and custom checking relatively quick: 6/10.

    • The Icare lounge at Orly Sud was average with a small offering of foods and beverages: 5/10.

    • The boarding and the flight were timely : 8/10

    • The plane, a Boeing 757, looked clean and well maintained but extremely noisy: 6/10.

    • The 160-degree reclining seat was spacious with a good system of removable tray but with no storage space besides the overhead compartment, a fluffy pillow and a warm blanket:  5/10.

    • The entertainment system was displayed on a 21"x22'' tablet and equipped with a good headset, but with a limited choice of films, music and TV shows: 5/10.

    • The food and the drinks were surprisingly good and tasty, good bread too: 8/10.

    • The crew on board was professional and helpful: 7/10.

    Overall rating of our outbound flight: 7/10.

    Our return flight B01200 from Newark, NJ to Orly Sud on Saturday, November 3rd 2018 was not as enjoyable, unfortunately:

    • Checking in with La Compagnie at Newark airport Terminal B was smooth and easy: 7/10.

    • No priority lane to immigration and custom checking, it was crowded: 4/10.

    • The Art & Lounge lounge was undergoing renovation works so all the seats were packed, it was overcrowded, not very clean, smelly, worst than a third world garage with a very poor food and beverages offering: 2/10.

    • The boarding and the flight were one-hour late due to a couple who arrived late and who forgot their luggage at the gate: 3/10.

    • The plane, a Boeing 757, looked worn out and extremely noisy : 4/10

    • The 160-degree reclining seat was spacious (the foot rest was not as comfortable as the one on our outbound flight though) with a good system of removable tray, a fluffy pillow and a warm blanket but again no storage space:   5/10.
    • The entertainment system was displayed on a 21"x22'' tablet and equipped with a good headset, but with a limited choice of films, music and TV shows (the exact same ones as on our outbound flight even though the month had changed - other companies usually update their entertainment program monthly): 5/10.
    • The crew did not give us prior notice they were going to serve breakfast, did not wake us up gently from our short night sleep by turning on the lights, making an announcement, asking us to pull up the blinds, put our seat in the upright position, etc. They just started serving breakfast when half the plane was still in slumber or half asleep in their reclined seats. They gave us the warm towel to clean our hands but never retrieved it and, last but not least, the breakfast itself was average with a terrible coffee: 2/10.

    • The crew on-board looked overwhelmed, awkward, not well trained and badly managed: 1/10.

    Overall rating of our return flight: 3/10.

    La Compagnie - Boutique Airlines

    La Compagnie - Boutique Airlines

    La Compagnie - Boutique Airlines

    La Compagnie - Boutique Airlines

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  • Quasi-inconnu en France, Anthony Bourdain était un globe-trotter et surtout un globe-fooder. D'abord chef lui-même, sa passion l'a ensuite amené à voyager dans le monde entier pour découvrir d'autres cultures et d'autres lifestyles à travers les cuisines locales. Curieux insatiable (au propre comme au figuré), ses émissions télé No Reservations, The Layover et surtout Parts Unknown (dans l'épisode sur le Vietnam il avait réussi à convaincre Barack Obama, alors POTUS, de venir partager avec lui un Bun Cha dans un boui-boui à Hanoï, tous les deux assis sur des tabourets en plastique minuscules, Bourdain enseignant à Obama l'art du "slurp" pour manger les nouilles) avaient fait de lui un véritable ambassadeur culturel et de nous des fans assidus.

    Anthony Bourdain s'est suicidé le vendredi 8 juin 2018, à Strasbourg où il tournait la nouvelle saison de Parts Unknown. Il avait 61 ans. Bien sûr je ne le connaissais pas personnellement mais j'adorais le personnage (et quel personnage !), son approche des voyages, de la bouffe et, malgré
    tout, de la vie. Et cette voix...

    Anthony, tu nous manques déjà.


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