• New York 2015

    New York, New York,

    The most overrated city in the world. New York now is a city for billionaires - the 1% of New Yorkers, the other 99% left to struggle to survive or just get by.

    Everything is more expensive than ever, from clothing to eating, from entertainment to culture. Even millionaires are careful with their spending when they plan to go out to dinner or see a show.

    Fortunately, for New Yorkers, there are still a few places that remain affordable in terms of quality and prices.

    Here are a few places we went to and were very enthusiastic about:

    Junoon is the first Indian restaurant that obtained a Michelin star.

    Juni is where the chef Shaun Hergatt received his first Michelin star.

    Jungsik, a high end gastronomic Korean food, has two Michelin stars.

    Overall, we found that fast-food and street food in New York is overpriced and ranked from not good to barely average.

    For the adventurer foodies looking for innovation and original cooking, they will be better served in cities like Paris, Lima, Copenhagen, Kyoto, Barcelona, Berlin, Singapore and Hong Kong.







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