• Mumi

     Mumi (Museum Miles) is the name of one of the best new restaurants opening in Paris this summer. Mumi is located between the Louvre and Beaubourg museums.

    The team behind this project are Thibault Passinge (the owner), Angelo Vagiotis (the chef) and Mathieu Arenas (the sommelier), all three of them are seasoned professionals, globe-trotters and globe-cookers.

    Everything at Mumi was perfect, from the setting to the cooking, from the service to the wine list. We were there to celebrate a birthday on Tuesday, September 5th and it was a great choice. For dinner, we have two choices of menu, the Linard menu in four services or the Oudry menu in six services.

    We decided on the Linard menu, it was impeccable from the amuse-bouche to the mignardise, every dish was beautiful, delicate, light, full of flavors and perfectly cooked. Angelo Vagiotis's cooking is pure creativity and originality. The products were meticulously selected.

    Angelo Vagiotis used to work with Shaun Hergatt at Juni, one of our favorite restaurants in New York City. It was there  that he obtained his first star in the Michelin guide.

    The wine list is well thought through with a good selection of the best foreign wines, from Spain to the USA.

    The service was extremely nice, warm and welcoming by Thibault Passinge and Mathieu Arenas.

    At Mumi, we had one of our best and most accomplished meals of the year so far. We’ll be back very soon.



    Adresse : 14 Rue Sauval, 75001 Paris
    Téléphone : 01 40 26 27 54
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