• Konstantin Filippou

    As his name may lead you to believe, Konstantin Filippou is half Greek and half Austrian and his heritage shows in his cooking which he demonstrates in his eponymous restaurant. 

    The restaurant is designed, modern and fashionably informal which describe both the setting and the cuisine here. You will find attractive wooden tables, a cooking station in the dining room and small windows offering views of the busy chefs at work in the kitchen.  

    At lunch, the chef offers the Business Lunch menu consisting of two courses for 26 Euros or three courses for 37 euros plus a dessert for 9 euros. 

    Our lunch on Friday March 3rdleft us with mixed feelings: our two amuse-bouches, “Beet’s Root with Foie Gras “and “Mussels with Japanese Pearls”, were incredibly tasty and original. So was the case for the first dish, “Marinated Salmon, Passion Fruit Yoghurt sauce” and the third “Skrei, Curried Cabbage, Salsa Verde”. However, the second one based on Salsify Roots and our surprise dessert based on Black Currant Fruits with a Blackberry Sorbet were not on par with the level of our amuse-bouches. Too bad. 

    For the wines, we tasted a white wine from the Vienna region called Wiener Wermischter Satz 2016 which was excellent.  

    The service was a little bit too prompt to take our plate away, but besides this faux-pas, it’s professional and efficient. 

    We still think that Konstantin Filippou deserves his Michelin Star, but he should review his cooking, it’s good to take risks and to be innovative, but the cooking still have to be refined to the palate of his guests.


    Restaurant Konstantin Filippou 

    Dominikanerbastei 17  

    1010 Wien, Austria 



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