• Issaya Siamese Club

    Issaya Siamese Club is the flagship of the chef Ian Kittichai who is a celebrity chef in Thailand.

    With our friends and family, we decided to celebrate our Christmas dinner at his beautiful colonial mansion. Our table was set in the garden with candlelights, which gave us a feeling of intimacy and the privilege of dining at a friend's house.

    Our whole table agreed on the set menu, priced at 1500++ Bath (45 euros) per person, which offered three starters, four main courses, a pre-dessert and a dessert.

    The amuse-bouche and the three starters were indeed very tasty and very good, Ian Kittichai knows how to balance his spices and make the best of them in his dishes. The chef takes pride in the fact that all his ingredients are locally sourced and organic.

    His main dishes (the Sankaburee Chicken; the Mussaman Lamb; the Prawn Star-Fried and Asian Multi-Grain&Chiang Mai Mushroom) were really delicious and full of flavors.

    And finally, our dessert, the Jasmin Flower Panna Cotta was nothing short of a knock-out.

    We were surprised that the Michelin Guide for it first edition in Bangkok this year bypassed chef Ian Kittchai and forgot to reward Issaya Siamese Club with the first star it so rightly deserves.


    Issaya Siamese Club


    Address : 4 Soi Sri Aksorn, Chuaphloeng Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

    Phone : 02-672-9040-1





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