• Geranium

    When we announced that we were going to Copenhagen, people asked us “Will you go to Noma?”. When we came back, the same and more asked us “So did you get to eat at Noma?”. We told them no, we did not. In truth, we were on the waiting list, but never got a chance to go.

    Instead we chose to eat at Geranium and we are glad that we did because it was so far one of our best meals in 2015. Rasmus Kofoed is an esthetic and fierce competitor of the culinary world. He’s the only chef that has won a bronze, silver and gold Bocuse statues from the celebrated competition that bears the name of the legendary French chef Paul Bocuse.

    For our lunch at Geranium on May 15th 2015, we choose the small menu which consists of ten small dishes and four signature dishes that made the restaurant famous.

    Every dish was a sight for sore eyes, it was like eating an incredible work of art.  Absolutely stunning. Even the bread was outstanding: it looked more like a Madeleine than a piece of bread. Each dish had a distinguished taste, texture and flavor that gave us a sensation of culinary discovery. That is, truly, the kind of sensory experience every high-end restaurant should be able to achieve.

    To accompany our fabulous meal we chose for the first time in our lives, a juice pairing with our dishes and we got to drink the most original of juices. We had a similar experience with water pairing at Alex Atala’s DOM in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    The restaurant is located in a football stadium. Spectacular panoramic views, design classics in tower H have made Parken, Denmark’s national stadium, a destination.

    The service was impeccable, we even had a French maitre d', Alexis, assigned to our table.  He was young, extremely professional and competent, a very nice young fellow like all the staff at Geranium.

    IMG_0406 - CopieIMG_0407 - CopieIMG_0407IMG_0409IMG_0410 - CopieIMG_0411IMG_0412IMG_0413 - CopieIMG_0414 - CopieIMG_0415 - CopieIMG_0420IMG_0422IMG_0427IMG_0424IMG_0425IMG_0426IMG_0428IMG_0429IMG_0432IMG_0433IMG_0434IMG_0440IMG_0439IMG_0438IMG_0437IMG_0436IMG_0435Unfortunately, Ramus Kofoed was not present at our lunch, but his team was top notch in the kitchen.

    Geranium is one of our best meals of 2015 thus far.



    Address : Per Henrik Lings Allé 4,
    2100 København Ø, Danemark
    Telephone :+45 69 96 00 20


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