• Eneko Atxa, the 37 years old chef of Azurmendi is really a magician; he made our visit to his restaurant into a wonderful discovery of his world. He will make you enter into his world in four acts.

    The Azurmendi discovery begun  with the two Jon’s, first, Jon Willian Herrera (maître d’hôtel and sommelier) who told us that we were the first clients of the day and asked us if we wished  to speak in French or in English then he welcomed us into the atrium garden. He then served a glass of Txakoline wine and asked us if we want a tour to the greenhouse and the edible garden (located on top of the restaurant) where we will discover the first appetizers hidden between the plants, fruits and vegetables.

    After consuming the appetizers in the garden, the aperitif is continued at the indoor garden at the entrance of the restaurant. A picnic basket is served. Then we proceeded to the kitchen to greet the kitchen staff and to see Eneko at work. We continue our appetizers, a homemade black sausage with a consommé of beans.

    This discovery is one of the most thoughtful and nicest experiences that we got since Carme Ruscalleda at Sant Pau.

    Before talking about our meal we would like to say a few words on his magnificent restaurant, the construction is forty per cent solar use and energy renewable. The view is spectacular with one regrettable note is the visitors have their wonderful view spoiled by the motorway just beneath the hill.

    For our meal we chose the menu Erroak, tradition in Basque language. The menu is served in ten dishes, and it’s changed every day with the inspiration of the chef. The meal is thoughtful and beautiful, but for us it would be perfect if it was more balanced and lighter, for example, to replace the Royal Orange Duck with flower of orange tree with a lighter dish. This remark also applied to Kokotxas and potatoes.

    The wine list is very interesting both in the varieties of countries, regions, name and pricing. For a three stars Michelin restaurant the pricing is fairly good like a Sant Vicente 2009 that we chose.

    The property also has a vineyard with a wine cellar that is equipped with the latest technologies in oenology. The Gorka Izagirre wine cellar started with the idea to recuperate and expend the Txakoli wine.

    The service is professional, competent and friendly, the two Jon’s make us feel at home.

    Eneko and his team put out a great performance. Their restaurant deserves the best accolades.


    Adresse : Legina Auzoa, s/n, 48195 Larrabetzu, Vizcaya, Espagne

    Téléphone :+34 944 55 88 66
    Horaires d'ouverture :
    Ouvert aujourd'hui · 13:00 – 16:00DSC06219DSC06220DSC06222DSC06225DSC06228DSC06232DSC06236DSC06238DSC06239DSC06240DSC06241DSC06242DSC06244DSC06245DSC06246DSC06248DSC06249DSC06250DSC06253DSC06254DSC06255DSC06256DSC06257DSC06258DSC06260DSC06261DSC06262DSC06266DSC06267DSC06268DSC06269DSC06270DSC06271

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  • DSC05141DSC05140DSC05139DSC05138DSC05137DSC05136DSC05135DSC05134DSC05133DSC05132DSC05131DSC05130DSC05129DSC05128DSC05127DSC05126DSC05125DSC05124DSC05123DSC05122DSC05121DSC05120Abac restaurant has two stars on the Michelin Guide for its inventive cooking in a beautiful setting.

    The cooking of Jordi Cruz reminds us of the cooking of the Roca Brothers of El Celler de Can Roca in Gerona.  Ferran Adria certainly has a great influence on his cooking and technics.

    Jordi Cruz has demonstrated his technical skills amply in his Season Menu of Spring 2013 which has been displayed in 12 dishes. There were three dishes that stood out and illustrated his creativity:

    Mussels Curry with Combawa

    SnowBloodyMarywith seafoodandmeats

    Liquidparmesan gnocchi’s with mushrooms, walnuts and an infusion of water mushroom and lemongrass

    But unfortunately for Jordi Cruz, his artful cooking was spoiled by a very bad service from the restaurant personnel’s. A two stars Michelin restaurant which has only one sommelier who could speak French and our table of seven persons where left in the hand of a very young, very arrogant, inexperienced and very rude server who couldn’t speak English very well.

    Abac’s owner and Jordi Cruz must realize that having a five stars hotel and a two stars restaurant are not sufficient to make their place great. Their restaurant lacks soul and depth, the restaurant needs warmth and good vibe. If they don’t know how to infuse great service and warmth reception they should ask the chef and owner of Me restaurant in Barcelona, Mr. Thanh Pham for advice.


    Restaurant & Hotel
    Avda. Tibidabo 1
    08022 Barcelone
    Tel.: +34 93 3196600
    Fax.: +34 93 3196601

    E-mail hotel@abacbarcelona.com

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  • Me (mother in Vietnamese) could mean two ways for the chef owner Thanh Pham of his eponymous restaurant in Barcelona. It could mean a culinary heritage transmitted by his mother or it could mean the cuisine of his motherland, in anyway, his Vietnamese root is giving his cooking an edge in country where there have only thirty nine Vietnamese people that live there

    Thanh Pham uses the best products with the best ingredients to translate his Vietnamese cooking, so Catalans and the others westerners could eat appreciate and understand. His cooking is not only savory but it has soul and depth.  The whole cuisine is a definition of East meet West with a Catalan twist. He’s probably one of the three chefs that know how to use and mix herbs, spices and exotics ingredients with talent and accuracy the others two are Tran Duc at the Mango Room in Hoi An and Didier Corlou at La Verticale in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    On our passage on Friday may 3rd, we were the last group of clients that arrived at eleven at night, and fortunately, we have Thanh Pham who sat down and took time to explain each dish to each of us and told us how he cooks and how he uses the ingredients for each dish while his barman was mixing great cocktails for the whole table.

    Each dish we ate has received a “wow!” from all of us, especially his sashimi and beef tartare, Vietnamese style, and his dessert, the cheesecake with lemongrass and rosemary herbs is knockout.

    Not only he’s a great cook but a DSC05116DSC05115DSC05114DSC05113DSC05112DSC05111DSC05110DSC05109DSC05108DSC05107DSC05106DSC05105DSC05104DSC05103very good sommelier that is rare enough to mention, especially for an Asian chef. We asked him to advise us to choose two bottles of Catalan wine to pair with our meal, one white and one red. He chose two incredible bottles, the white one is from Missenyora 2011 from Coste Del Segre and a red one is Como Vella 2008 from the Priorat’s region.

    We wish we could have the same quality and counsel for our meal the next day at ABAC.

    Mẹ is a modern restaurant that understood how to make its clients happy and satisfy with great cooking and drink, with its relax and personalized service, but not only, it has soul and personality .

    We know a lot of restaurants in Europe and around the world should take Thanh Pham’s restaurant as a model to be.



    Carrer Paris, 162.

    Tél : 93 419 49 33.

    Accueil de 20 h 30 à 23 h 30, du jeudi au samedi de 13 h 30 à 16 h. Fermé le dimanche et le lundi.

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  • Littlebôboon a été invité le lundi 09 avril 2012 par ses amis qui habitent à Sao Paulo au restaurant D.O.M (Deo Otpimus Maximus) d'Alex Atala.

    Littlebôboon était doublement ravi de cette invitation, car il avait l'occasion de passer une superbe soirée avec ses amis et de vérifier si le restaurant mérite vraiment le titre du meilleur restaurant gastronomique du Brésil.

    Littlebôboon a opté pour un "Menu do Reina Vegetal" comme son nom l'indique est cent pour cent végétal. Ce menu se déroule en sept plats, mais le plus original c'était l'accord mets et eaux qu'Alex Atala nous propose avec ce menu. Un verre d'eau à l'essence de fruits exotiques du Brésil pour chaque plat végétal. Littlebôboon trouve que le concept a été bien pensé et élaboré avec beaucoup de subtilité.

    C'était notre meilleur repas pendant notre séjour de deux semaines au Brésil. Un grand bravo à Alex Atala d'avoir su créer une oasis gastronomique au milieu d'un désert culinaire qui est le Brésil.

    Ci-dessous, quelques photos pour illustrer notre magnifique repas:



    Voir taille réelleDSC03991
    Voir taille réelleDSC03992
    Voir taille réelleDSC03993
    Voir taille réelleDSC03994
    Voir taille réelleDSC03995
    Voir taille réelleDSC03996
    Voir taille réelleDSC03997
    Voir taille réelleDSC03998
    Voir taille réelleDSC03999
    Voir taille réelleDSC04000
    Voir taille réelleDSC04001
    Voir taille réelleDSC04002
    Voir taille réelleDSC04003
    Voir taille réelleDSC04004
    Voir taille réelleDSC04005
    Voir taille réelleDSC04006
    Voir taille réelle

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  • LittleBoboon était ce week-end du coté de Prague en République Tchèque, son château, le fameux Charles Bridge et sa très bonne gastronomie. Au détour de nos balades nous nous sommes rendus dans un restaurant Italien du nom de «Aromi», pourquoi un Italien me direz vous ? il suffit de se rendre une fois a Prague pour comprendre et en avoir la réponse.

    Quoi de bon dans ce restaurant ? une cuisine italienne raffinée, simple, efficace et d’ une grande précision, avec un service impeccable. Lors de ce repas j’ ai particulièrement apprécié le dessert et ce magnifique tiramistu revisité. Que dire de plus si ce n’ est que ce restaurant vaut le détour si vous êtes en week-end à Prague et qu’ il existe une petite boutique avec des produits locaux Italien a proximité du nom «Aromi la Bottega» une très bonne adresse !

    Ce restaurant mérite 2 paires de baguettes de Little Bôboon.


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