Restaurant Smoix (Cake in Menorcan) in Ciutadella, Menorca is probably among the top five restaurants in Menorca.Smoix - MenorcaSmoix - MenorcaSmoix - MenorcaSmoix - MenorcaSmoix - MenorcaSmoix - MenorcaSmoix - MenorcaSmoix - MenorcaSmoix - Menorca

    Miguel Sanchez and his partner, Vianey, welcome their guests in a beautiful setting, the entrance of the restaurant is magnificent and leads to a cool and nice patio. The restaurant itself is spacious with designed wood tables; the ambiance was serene and sober when we ate there on July 16th 2016.

    The menu à la carte was short, which is actually a good sign, with a choice of six “Picar, Picar” (small dishes), seven starters and eight main courses.

    Every dish we ordered was extremely flavorsome, tasty and succulent, even the croquetas that we ordered for our son and the amuse-bouche was right on the bull's eye.

    Only the desserts, for our taste, were not up to the high standard as the rest.

    The wine list was very interesting and full of local and international references. The offer by glass was one of the best in term of choice, quality and price that we have seen so far in Europe.

    The service led by Ms. Vianey was very nice and efficient.

    If Miguel Sanchez ups his game on his desserts, he will for sure deserve a Michelin star in the future.



    Address : Av. Jaume Conqueridor 38, Ciutadella, Mernorca

    Tel. reservations +34 971 38 28 08



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  • The restaurant Pan y Vino in Sant Lluis is one the best and most affordable restaurants in Menorca.

    The chef, Patrick James, and our host, Noelia Zardoya, are the married couple who owns the place. They offer a set menu that changes every day and for 37 euros you can get three courses: starters, main and dessert.  It is to be noted that, should you wish to swap one of the menu dishes for another à la carte you can do that with no extra fee.Pan Y Vino - MenorcaPan Y Vino - MenorcaPan Y Vino - MenorcaPan Y Vino - MenorcaPan Y Vino - MenorcaPan Y Vino - MenorcaPan Y Vino - Menorca

    We elected to celebrate our son's 6th birthday there and were greeted by Noelia – in perfect French - like we were members of the club. Noelia and the team even prepared a special chocolate birthday cake especially for our boy. What a nice surprise and generous touch from all of them!

    Generosity, kindness and quality are what makes Pan y Vino a successful restaurant. The food is good, generous and refined. Patrick James knows how to mix French cooking with local ingredients and a touch of exotic flavors.

    The local wines and cavas are well represented on the wine list which offers eclectic choices from France and others regions of Spain.

    And Noelia Zardoya leads the service with charm and efficiency – and in at least three different languages (Spanish, French, English).


    Pan y Vino 

    Address : Camí de la Coixa, 3 - Torret - Sant Lluis - Menorca

    Tel. reservations (0034) 971 15 02 01









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  • When we announced that we were going to Copenhagen, people asked us “Will you go to Noma?”. When we came back, the same and more asked us “So did you get to eat at Noma?”. We told them no, we did not. In truth, we were on the waiting list, but never got a chance to go.

    Instead we chose to eat at Geranium and we are glad that we did because it was so far one of our best meals in 2015. Rasmus Kofoed is an esthetic and fierce competitor of the culinary world. He’s the only chef that has won a bronze, silver and gold Bocuse statues from the celebrated competition that bears the name of the legendary French chef Paul Bocuse.

    For our lunch at Geranium on May 15th 2015, we choose the small menu which consists of ten small dishes and four signature dishes that made the restaurant famous.

    Every dish was a sight for sore eyes, it was like eating an incredible work of art.  Absolutely stunning. Even the bread was outstanding: it looked more like a Madeleine than a piece of bread. Each dish had a distinguished taste, texture and flavor that gave us a sensation of culinary discovery. That is, truly, the kind of sensory experience every high-end restaurant should be able to achieve.

    To accompany our fabulous meal we chose for the first time in our lives, a juice pairing with our dishes and we got to drink the most original of juices. We had a similar experience with water pairing at Alex Atala’s DOM in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    The restaurant is located in a football stadium. Spectacular panoramic views, design classics in tower H have made Parken, Denmark’s national stadium, a destination.

    The service was impeccable, we even had a French maitre d', Alexis, assigned to our table.  He was young, extremely professional and competent, a very nice young fellow like all the staff at Geranium.

    IMG_0406 - CopieIMG_0407 - CopieIMG_0407IMG_0409IMG_0410 - CopieIMG_0411IMG_0412IMG_0413 - CopieIMG_0414 - CopieIMG_0415 - CopieIMG_0420IMG_0422IMG_0427IMG_0424IMG_0425IMG_0426IMG_0428IMG_0429IMG_0432IMG_0433IMG_0434IMG_0440IMG_0439IMG_0438IMG_0437IMG_0436IMG_0435Unfortunately, Ramus Kofoed was not present at our lunch, but his team was top notch in the kitchen.

    Geranium is one of our best meals of 2015 thus far.



    Address : Per Henrik Lings Allé 4,
    2100 København Ø, Danemark
    Telephone :+45 69 96 00 20


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  • Jung Sik Yim, the chef-owner of the restaurant Jungsik has an incredible talent; his two stars in the Michelin guide are well deserved.

    Jung Sik Yim’s cooking is a marvelous combination of orient and occident, it’s well thought out; from the ingredients to the products, from the visual presentation to the design of the dishes. Every dish is sublime and has the incredible lightness of being. Starting with the amuse bouches from his wonderful Tasting Menu of nine dishes. We were delighted by his technical prowess and his mastery of spices and flavors.

    The restaurant is a beautiful and spacious place with two rooms, the back room more private and seemingly designed for lovers and romantic dinners.

    The wine list is extensive and eclectic with a good choice by the glass or by half-bottle.

    The service is professional and competent however there was one misstep: they put truffles in one our dishes even though we had alerted the maître d' that we were allergic to truffles...

    This address should be on every serious foodie and gourmet's must go list.



    2 Harrison Street
    New York, NY 10013
    +1 212 219 0900



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  • We had the chance to discover the cooking of Shaun Hergatt in his new address on the ground floor of the Chandler’s Hotel.

    We went with my mother who’s been a regular at this place since the chef moved to the Hotel Chandler. Shaun Hergatt's cuisine is both technical and intellectual, at the same time very elaborated and structured, but with a kinky side too.

    The $39 lunch menu is a gem in NYC and a good introduction for first-timers like us. The presentation of the dishes was not only a marvel for the eyes, but also the best way to open our appetite.

    The food was exquisite and tasteful; Desserts were delicious and original. Juni’s pastry chef, Mina Pizarro is talented and a good match to Shaun Hergatt's culinary skills.

    The wine list is eclectic and well selected from different countries and producers.

    We were lucky enough to meet the chef at the end of our meal. We congratulated him on his outstanding cooking and told him that he highly deserved his one star in the Michelin guide. He, however, thought he should have two! We almost totally agreed with him and let him know that, in our opinion, the way to get there was by improving service which is currently quite nice but definitely not on par with the standards of excellence of a two-Michelin starred restaurant.

    12 E 31st St, New York, NY 10016, USA
    Tel :+1 212-995-8599

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