• Midori at the Penha Longa Resort boosted itself to be the oldest Japanese restaurant in Portugal.

    Yet, if your are looking for a Japanese chef, you'll not find him there! Instead you'll find Pedro Almeida, a wonderful portuguese chef, and his team fusioning portuguese ingredients with japanese techniques and japanese dishes with portuguese twists.

    For our dinner on Tuesday April 11th , we chose the tasting menu simply called “Midori” consisting of seven dishes.

    Chef Pedro Almeida knows how to combine a traditional portuguese dish like the Caldo Verde with the japanese touch of Miso Shiru. He did the same with all the dishes with dexterity and mastery. Every dish was subtle, delicate and tasty.

    The wine list was very well thought through but very expensive, too expensive to our taste. Fortunately, there was a good selection of Sakes and we selected a sparkling one called Mio to go with our tasting menu.

    The service was not on par with the level of the cooking: the staff was numerous, they were very nice but very disorganised which does not fit a high-end dining experience.

    For this kind of place, as we mentionned to Pedro Almeida at the end of our meal, the staff should focus on the details, anticipate the guests' needs, and most of all, the chef should scale down the tables to accommodate a maximum of twenty people as Sergi Arola did at the restaurant LAB by Sergi Arola.

    Pedro Almeida and his team are talented enough to make Midori one of the best restaurants in Portugal and as we told the chef: if he succeeds in making Midori into a true high-end gastronomy table, then we are pretty sure a Michelin-star will follow.



    Estrada da Lagoa Azul

    Sintra-Linho / 2714-511 - Portugal

    T. 351219249095MidoriMidoriMidoriMidoriMidoriMidoriMidoriMidoriMidoriMidori


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  • Shiki is the creation of the visionary Japanese Joji Hattari, music conductor turned restaurateur.  He has created a combination of Brasserie and Fine Japanese Dining in the same place. 

    The Japanese dishes are largely made by chef Takumi Murase from Austrian ingredients – even the sushi and sashimi feature local fish.  

    The glossy wood-panelled walls and jet black ceilings are the very essence of contemporary chic, with nary an oriental cliché in sight. 

    Shiki Fine Dining is the perfect place to take your love for a romantic tête-à-tête. 

    The restaurant proposes two seasonal menus (Winter & Vegan) which are composed of five dishes and cost respectively 82 euros and 62 euros. 

    We decided on the Winter menu for our dinner on Saturday, March 4th 2017 which was amazing, from the starter to the dessert and even the pre-dessert. Every bite was tasty, refined and flavorsome.  Not only do chef Takumi Murase and his team master all the ingredients and products, they know just how to sublime them into original savors. 

    The wines list was rich, eclectic and international with a great selection of Sakes and cocktails (with or without alcohol). 

    The service was very nice, professional and competent. 

    Shiki Fine Dining was with Mraz & Sohn our two best meals so far this year. We are surprised that it did not get a Michelin star in 2017. They deserve it immensely. 

    For all the travelers in Vienna, you should book this restaurant if you wish to have an original and refined meal.  


    Shiki Fine Dining 

    Krugerstraße 3,  

    1010 Vienna, Austria 


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  • As his name may lead you to believe, Konstantin Filippou is half Greek and half Austrian and his heritage shows in his cooking which he demonstrates in his eponymous restaurant. 

    The restaurant is designed, modern and fashionably informal which describe both the setting and the cuisine here. You will find attractive wooden tables, a cooking station in the dining room and small windows offering views of the busy chefs at work in the kitchen.  

    At lunch, the chef offers the Business Lunch menu consisting of two courses for 26 Euros or three courses for 37 euros plus a dessert for 9 euros. 

    Our lunch on Friday March 3rdleft us with mixed feelings: our two amuse-bouches, “Beet’s Root with Foie Gras “and “Mussels with Japanese Pearls”, were incredibly tasty and original. So was the case for the first dish, “Marinated Salmon, Passion Fruit Yoghurt sauce” and the third “Skrei, Curried Cabbage, Salsa Verde”. However, the second one based on Salsify Roots and our surprise dessert based on Black Currant Fruits with a Blackberry Sorbet were not on par with the level of our amuse-bouches. Too bad. 

    For the wines, we tasted a white wine from the Vienna region called Wiener Wermischter Satz 2016 which was excellent.  

    The service was a little bit too prompt to take our plate away, but besides this faux-pas, it’s professional and efficient. 

    We still think that Konstantin Filippou deserves his Michelin Star, but he should review his cooking, it’s good to take risks and to be innovative, but the cooking still have to be refined to the palate of his guests.


    Restaurant Konstantin Filippou 

    Dominikanerbastei 17  

    1010 Wien, Austria 



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  • Mraz & Sohn are Marcus, Lukas and Manuel Mraz, the chefs of the two Michelin stars restaurant in Vienna, Austria. 

    Dining at Mraz & Sohn was a trip and a journey into fine and high dining. They offer a total experience from the moment you stand in front of the restaurant and ring the bell. Once you step inside, you are in the universe of Marcus and Manuel Mraz. 

    It starts with the dining room itself. The style is personal as you will find on the walls beautiful paintings by Manuel Mraz himself. The restaurant is filled with the Mraz family’s creativity. 

    Their seasonal cuisine is highly creative and you will soon notice the playfulness of the presentations which is a feast for both the eyes and the palate. The menu comes in three options (4 dishes; 6 dishes; 9 dishes). 

    The wine list is just as amazing, dominated of course by the best selection of Austrian wines. 

    The service was swift, jovial, friendly and professional. 

    Mraz & Sohn is a restaurant which should be on everyone’s top restaurants list when in Austria. The amazing breads and cheese trolley alone makes it worth a visit  

    Mraz & Sohn exactly represents what fine and high gastronomy should be, with the best products, great cooking, amazing wines, top service all wrapped in a wonderful setting. 

    At Mraz & Sohn you will have an incredible experiencMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & SohnMraz & Sohne, an enjoyable evening and will never be bored by your meal. It’s so far one of our best meals in 2017. 


    Restaurant Mraz und Sohn 

    Wallensteinstrasse 59 

    A-1200 Vienna 


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  • FOC

    Martin Lavecchia worked and lived for nine years in Spain, where he trained at El Celler de Can Roca, a three stars Michelin and #1 in the 50 World's Best Restaurants of 2013; he also worked at the restaurant Alkimia in Barcelona.

    Since 2012, he’s back in his native country of Uruguay and settled down in Montevideo where he opened his own restaurant in the Old Town called "FOC" which means “fire” in Catalan. In February 2016, he moved his restaurant to Punta Carretas, a posher neighborhood. The restaurant is spacious and beautifully designed in black with dark wood tables and comfortable chairs and sofas; it has two floors and a wonderful patio for summer lunch and dining.

    Now, let’s talk about our dinner of Friday November 4th 2016: we chose the tasting menu of five dishes at 1,500 Uruguayan Pesos (50 Euros) which was the best quality/price meal that you can find anywhere in Uruguay.

    The menu consisted of one amuse-bouche, an entrée, a fish dish, a meat dish and two desserts. It was simply wonderful, the best meal of our entire stay in Uruguay, besides the Bodega Bouza’s restaurant.

    Each dish was well prepared and tasty, even the croquetas that our son had ordered were crispy and flavorsome, even our pre-dinner "FOC" cocktail was quite original.

    The service was very nice and helpful, tried to speak some English.

    The wine list had a very good local selection and international brands, with a nice choice of cocktails.

    Martin Lavecchia is probably the best chef cooking in Montevideo at the moment, and FOC surely is the best restaurant in the whole Uruguay.



    Address : Ramón Fernández, 11300 Montevideo, Departamento de Montevideo, Uruguay

    Telephone : +598 91 654 227

    Mail: focresto@gmail.com

    Schedules Tueasday to Saturday from 20H00. Closed on Sunday.FOCFOCFOCFOCFOCFOCFOCFOCFOCFOCFOCFOCFOC



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