•  Le Canard NouveauLe Canard NouveauLe Canard NouveauLe Canard NouveauLe Canard NouveauLe Canard NouveauLe Canard NouveauLe Canard NouveauLe Canard NouveauLe Canard NouveauLe Canard NouveauLe Canard NouveauLe Canard NouveauHamburg is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, it also offers a great choice of lodging from beautiful apartment rentals to five-star hotels and good eating options from street food to Michelin-starred restaurants.

    We were lucky to spend our July 14th, 2017 three-day weekend there to visit and eat our way through the city.

    Our first stop was le Canard Nouveau, a one Michelin star restaurant located in the residential ElbChausse area with a view on the Elb river and the harbor that was beautiful in a peculiar kind of way.

    The restaurant itself is a work of art from the famous architects Von Gerkan, Marg and partners. It has a great terrace, best for a summer evening romantic dinner, a Japanese room for a group of friends and a Kitchen booth to watch the chef, Florian Pöschl and his team at work.

    We were at le Canard Nouveau for a birthday celebration and almost had the whole restaurant to ourselves that day. The lunch menu is a great offer: it changes every day and costs only 39 euros for two courses and 41 euros for three.

    Florian Poschl's cooking was full of flavors, the products chosen were first rated and perfectly cooked, even though some dishes were a little bit too salty.

    The wine list had a great choice of German and Austrian wines with a good by-the-glass selection, from the Champagnes to the digestives.

    The service was very professional and efficient.

    This is a safe bet in Hamburg if you want to eat good food, for a good price in a nice surrounding.


    Le Canard Nouveau

    Address : Elbchaussee 139,
    22763 Hamburg, Germany
    Tel : +49 40 88129531

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  • If you are in Ghent, Belgium and you have time for one restaurant only, you should choose OAK. This is where Marcello Ballardin puts all his talent and youthful energy into creating a new culinary Belgian and European taste.

    If you wish for a cool and creative experience you're in the right place. Oak is located in a small ground-floor apartment with a patio in a hipster area of Ghent. To get in you have to ring a bell.

    The tables were all set outside, in the sun, for our lunch on May 27th .

    The lunch menu comes in three options: 39 euro pp (three courses); 52 euro pp (four courses); 65 euro pp (five courses).

    After ordering our wonderful drinks – a natural mocktail composed of bergamote, lime and coriander – a series of creative amuses-bouches arrived, they were extremely tasty with an Asian touch.

    The rest of our lunch was truly outstanding, from the three dishes to the two desserts. Each dish was masterful in its composition and texture, the products and ingredients were perfectly cooked, the whole meal was great! It is no surprise that Marcello Ballardin was elected 2016 Young Talent of the Year in Belgium.

    The service was 100% feminine and energetic.

    When in Ghent this is definitely a place not to miss.


    OAKHoogstraat 167/001
    9000 Gent

     Telephone : +32 9 353 90 50




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  • Littleboboon was in Ghent for the Ascension weekend and we took this opportunity to explore the culinary scene of Belgium.

    Our first discovery was VrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoedVrijmoed, we went there for dinner. Michael Vrijmoed belongs to the new generation of talented chefs in Belgium and also in Europe.

    His restaurant is located in a bourgeois town house with art deco alcoves, it is a rather big place by one-Michelin star standards.

    Benjamin De Buck, our sommelier and host, welcomed us and once we were settled at our table he took our drinks order: a cup of Champagne Dufour by Charles, which was bottled especially for the restaurant. The amuse-bouche arrived promptly to wet our appetite.

    We opted for the “Vrijmoed” menu in five services which consisted of one starter, two main dishes and two desserts. The menu changes every week.

    From the first dish of smoked eel to the desserts (first one made with rhubarb and the second one, an incredible dessert made with spinach!), every plate was original, full of flavors and gourmand, but there was one dish that stood out for us: the haddock dish. Amazing!

     The wine list was comprehensive with a few original references and, to remind you that you are indeed in Belgium, you’ll also find a great selection of crafted beers.

    The service was fluid, in the right tempo and led by the charming and affable Benjamin De Buck.

    If you want to have great food, good service and a wonderful evening out in Ghent, no doubt this is the place you’re looking for.



    Vlaanderenstraat 22
    9000 Gent

    Tel: +32 9 279 99 77
    Fax: +32 9 279 99 78
    Email: info@vrijmoed.be



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  • Alma means Soul in Portuguese, and chef Henrique Sa Pessoa has lots of it.

    His restaurant is soulful and beautiful, so are his dishes.

    For our lunch on Wednesday, April 12th 2017, we had à la carte menu for our family of three. Both adults chose the main course (monkfish with zucchini flower, green curry , coconut milk and baby shrimp) and our six-year-old son had a beef entrecote, celeriac, mousseline, bacon crumble and barbecue juice. We concluded with desserts: mango, passionfruit, coconut, black sesame seeds for the adults; and a chocolate « bomb », salted caramel, hazelnut, sorbet for the little gourmet.

    Each dish was a pleasure to watch and incredibly tasty to the mouth, from the creative amuse bouche to the wonderful desserts.

    The wine list has a comprehensive selection of best wine growers around Europe, and most importantly, incredible Portuguese wines some of which we selected.

    We had mixed feelings about the service, though: the lady was very nice, even tried to speak a few words of French to us, but our bearded Maître d’ was very cranky, not welcoming at all when we showed up and extremely cold all the way through our lunch. He never even smiled once or said something nice. We were kind of taken aback by his behavior as it is not what you would expect of a Michelin starred restaurant.


    Adresse : R. Anchieta 15
    1200-224 Lisboa, Portugal
    Téléphone : +351 21 347 0650

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  • LAB By Sergi Arola was one of the restaurants that we really wanted to book when we decided to come to Sintra.

    We discovered his frst restaurant in Barcelona 15 years ago, and when he opened Arola in Paris at the W hotel we went there to rediscover his unique cooking talent.

    This time, we took advantage of our stay at Penha Longa Resort to eat at LAB where the chef just got one Michelin star. We were lucky, for our dnner on Friday April 14th 2017, Sergi Arola was present at the restaurant.

    We chose the Discovery menu which was amazing from start to finish: every dish, every bite was indeed a discovery, especially his tapas madness that represented each region of Spain and his signature amuse-bouche, a glass of Vermouth with green olive, and most of all his Andean dish (Guinea fowl with a spicy couscous made with Andean grains) which took us on a trip to Chile was the most accomplished dish that showed Sergi Arola's talent and creativity.

    The wine list was amazing, all the best wineries in Europe were represented, but we privileged Portuguese wines, especially the region and the wine growers that were unknow to us. It also had a great selection by glass from sparkling to red wine, from white wine to cherry.

    The service was perfect and our sommelier, Francisco Oliveira was impeccable for approving our selection of wine by glasses.

    However, we have to mention there was a major faux-pas from the kitchen of the LAB because one of our dishes, the skate wing, was served with a big plastic string still attached (!). Fortunately, my partner spotted it on time before eating the fish. Unacceptable for a one-star restaurant... Sergi Arola came in person to apologize for his team's lack of rigor.

    Fortunately for LAB, we are not the Michelin inspectors and also we know Sergi Arola and appreciate his personality and talent that is why we did not make a big fuss of this unprofessional mistake.

    We hope for Sergi Arola and LAB that this will not happen again.

    LAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi Arola

    LAB By Sergi Arola

    Estrada Da Lagoa Azul

    Linho Sintra


    T. +351219249011

     LAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi ArolaLAB By Sergi Arola

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