• Gastronomaquia

    Initially, we wanted to lunch at the Sant Anton market in Madrid, but by the time we got there on Saturday November 9th 2019 at 2pm all the restaurants and Tapas bars were full, so we had to improvise and find a place to eat for the seven of us.

    By chance after walking five minutes away from the market and turning onto the Calle de Pelayo at number 4, we found Gastronomaquia, The name and the look of the restaurant appealed to us and by checking the menu all of us wanted to taste their cooking.

    It was our lucky day as they had one big table left, near the kitchen, that could sit our party of seven. Everything on the menu looked good, so we decided to order several entrées to share such as mushroom croquettes, tuna tartar, grilled goat cheese and tiradito Gastronomaquia. These entrées confirmed our first impression: they were all tasty and pretty good, but the best was yet to come with their “A Banda” rice, their own version of the paella with mussels, clams and gambas. To conclude this very nice lunch, we had a Mojito sorbet and chocolate cake, both delicious.

    The wine list was very interesting, the white wines particularly caught our attention and we selected a dry white wine from the island of Lanzarote in the Canaries called Bermejo Seco. This too was a lucky and amazing find.

    The service was very nice and welcoming.

    Gastronomaquia was a genuine serendipity and a good alternative from the eateries at Sant Anton mercado. It deserves to be discovered when you travel to Madrid.



    Calle de Pelayo, 4,

    28004 Madrid, Espagne

    Tel:  +34 915 22 64 13










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