• Facts about Uruguay

    Here are a few facts all travelers should know before visiting Uruguay:

     - 1.  It is a very expensive country, one example: a cup of expresso costs 2.50 Euros, in Paris (not the most thrifty city in the world) it costs 1.10 Euros.

    - 2. It is not a vrey hip or cool destination all the travel magazines and TV shows would have us believe, nor is it a very sophisticated country -- even places like Punta del Este and José Ignacio look bland compared to seaside resorts like Hoi An (Vietnam) or really hip villages like Ubud (Bali).

    - 3. Speaking of Punta del Este , la Barra and José Ignacio: those places only come alive from December to March, outside these periods, they are sleepy towns with barely any café, shop and restaurant open.

    - 4. Since 2008, insecurity and crime rate are steadily rising, 2015 and 2016 each counted 300 murders a year.

    - 5. For gourmet travelers like us and foodies, it is a mediocre destination as there is only a handful of good restaurants.  Also, unfortunately, Uruguayans seem to have the same bad habit as their North American Neighbors: they eat greasy food in enormous serving sizes and drink mostly soft drinks (sodas), which really is a pity as they do have some pretty good wines.

    -6 . If you want incredible vistas, beautiful landscapes, wonderful historical sites with a cultural heritage in South America you had better go to Argentina, Chile or Peru.

     Facts about UruguayFacts about UruguayFacts about UruguayFacts about UruguayFacts about Uruguay

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