• Etude brillante!

    Keisuke Yamagishi is another new Japanese chef cooking French food on the restaurant scene in Paris. Again! We can hear certain chauvinists in France lamented.

    Like his compatriot Takayuki Honjo at the restaurant ES, Keisuke Yamagishi at Etude takes French gastronomy to a new level. Every dish is precise, refine, tasty and original.

    At our dinner on October 26th, we chose the menu “Ballad” which price at 55 euros, the other menu “Etude” is at 85 euros. We started with a very original amuse bouche, a small piece ofgreen algae presented as a sponge which dissolves in the mouth. The following dishes were as gorgeous as one another:  Raw scampi, sea urchin jelly, grapefruit emulsion:  dense. Duck and blackcurrant sauce, all the dishes were masterly cooked. Ice pepper coulis chrysanthemum dessert was amazing.

    The main and major problem we encountered at Etude is the wine list, Aiko; the sommelier has a wine list exclusively composed of Bourgogne and nothing else except some Champagnes. Her wines are ridiculously priced, the least expensive bottle costs 40 euros.

    The service is nice and sober with the right tempo. It’s an extremely good table and it will be a great one if they decide to revise the wine list.

    IMG-20131026-00172IMG-20131026-00174IMG-20131026-00175IMG-20131026-00177IMG-20131026-00178IMG-20131026-00179IMG-20131026-00180IMG-20131026-00181IMG-20131026-00183IMG-20131026-00184IMG-20131026-00185Restaurant Etude

    4, rue du Bouquet-de-Longchamp, XVIe.

    Tel.: 01 45 05 11 41. Dining only

     Closed on Sunday and Monday

    Metro: Boissière

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