• ABAC, when a bad service spoils the whole dinner

    DSC05141DSC05140DSC05139DSC05138DSC05137DSC05136DSC05135DSC05134DSC05133DSC05132DSC05131DSC05130DSC05129DSC05128DSC05127DSC05126DSC05125DSC05124DSC05123DSC05122DSC05121DSC05120Abac restaurant has two stars on the Michelin Guide for its inventive cooking in a beautiful setting.

    The cooking of Jordi Cruz reminds us of the cooking of the Roca Brothers of El Celler de Can Roca in Gerona.  Ferran Adria certainly has a great influence on his cooking and technics.

    Jordi Cruz has demonstrated his technical skills amply in his Season Menu of Spring 2013 which has been displayed in 12 dishes. There were three dishes that stood out and illustrated his creativity:

    Mussels Curry with Combawa

    SnowBloodyMarywith seafoodandmeats

    Liquidparmesan gnocchi’s with mushrooms, walnuts and an infusion of water mushroom and lemongrass

    But unfortunately for Jordi Cruz, his artful cooking was spoiled by a very bad service from the restaurant personnel’s. A two stars Michelin restaurant which has only one sommelier who could speak French and our table of seven persons where left in the hand of a very young, very arrogant, inexperienced and very rude server who couldn’t speak English very well.

    Abac’s owner and Jordi Cruz must realize that having a five stars hotel and a two stars restaurant are not sufficient to make their place great. Their restaurant lacks soul and depth, the restaurant needs warmth and good vibe. If they don’t know how to infuse great service and warmth reception they should ask the chef and owner of Me restaurant in Barcelona, Mr. Thanh Pham for advice.


    Restaurant & Hotel
    Avda. Tibidabo 1
    08022 Barcelone
    Tel.: +34 93 3196600
    Fax.: +34 93 3196601

    E-mail hotel@abacbarcelona.com

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