• Nicolas Bottero used to have one Michelin star in Grenoble, but he decided to move back to the South-East of France where, early June this year, he opened le Mas Bottero in the village of Saint- Cannat near Aix-en-Provence.


    We had lunch there on Saturday August 19th and for 29 euros you have an entrée, a main dish and a dessert which probably makes it one of the best deal in terms of quality and price in the region. We forgot to mention that the menu changes every day depending on the market supply.


    Nicolas' entrée was the knockout pumpking salad, his main dish a crispy cuttlefish on a bed of risotto which unfortunately we found not to be at the level of his entrée, but he regained the upper hand with dessert, a wine peach soup with light cream.


    His new restaurant or « Mas » as they call it in the South of France was nicely and soberly decorated with light wood and wicker chairs, there is also a beautiful terrace.


    The service by the maitre d' and sommelier, Nicolas Gilardi was welcoming and perfect,


    For the wine we tasted the cuvée of white wine from Château de Beaupré 2013 which happens to be nearby,


    We think that Nicolas Bottero needs a few more months to settle down in his new surroundings and completely master his new cooking. Then he will be a serious contender to retrieve his Michelin star, hopefully for him and his team, by next year or the following.


    Restaurant & Épicerie fine

    2340 route d’Aix-en-Provence / RN 7
    13760 Saint-Cannat

    Tél :+33 (0)4 42 67 19 18



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  • Wow ! That's pretty much the first thing that comes to mind to sum up the experience we had for our lunch at the restaurant AM by Alexandre Mazzia on Tuesday August 22nd 2017.

    Even though we had to make a big detour just to get there due to the filming of Luc Besson's Taxi's fifth instalment which had closed all traffic on one of Marseille's busiest avenues (avenue du Prado) and the crew trucks parked on the very street of the restaurant, it was so worth it.

    We were welcomed by a very nice team – though we were half an hour late -- and after ordering our drinks and opting for the 52 euros carte blanche menu, they brought us a series of extraordinary amuse-bouche. It was like an art exhibition on a plate : colorful, beautiful and most importantly highly tasteful. The rest of our meal all the way to the mignardises was incredibly imaginative, creative, attractive, perfectly cooked and well thought through.

    Alexandre Mazzia created his menu like an architect and a painter : every dish a work of art, all of them full of flavors, and for some you could even feel an explosion of spices and herbs on your palate.

    The service was extremely professional, nice and smooth with a couple dishes directly served by a member of the kitchen staff.

    We did not drink wine for our lunch on that day so we did not look at the wine list.

    The restaurant is modern and arty, with a touch of zen.

    It was a truly great experience to discover Alexandre Mazzia's cooking. We had the chance to speak to him and learned that he is good friend with David Toutain, another great talent and great cook.

    Keep it up, guys !


    Restaurant AM


    9, rue François-Rocca
    TÉL : +33 4 91 24 83 63
    Métro : Rond Point du Prado

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM

    Restaurant AM





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  •  If you happen to be on holydays in Provence then we strongly recommend that you visit château La Coste which is true marvel in the region. 

    Chateau La Coste is where Wine, Art and Architecture come together and live in harmony, where Provence landscape expresses the most of its beauty. 


    To fully appreciate the château and its surroundings, we suggest you take the Art & Architecture Walk which will take approximately two hours. 


    At the end of your visit you should have a drink at « La Terrasse »,an outdoor café in the heart of the old domain. 


    You could even extend you day in the evening and then enjoy a gastronomic dinner at the Villa La Coste where Gérald Passédat has opened his new and incredibly beautiful restaurant called Louison as a tribute to Louise Bourgeois, the French sculptress famous for her spider sculptures called « Maman ». 


    Louison was the most beautiful and the most accomplished restaurant we ate so far this year, first in terms of architecture, but also the setting, the context and the cuisine. Every aspect of the restaurant has been so well conceived from its décor and furniture to its well-thought menu and wine list and, last but not least, its personnel that provided first-class service. 


    For our dinner on Thurday 17th of August, we chose the menu l'Amandier at 95 euros for an entrée, main dish and dessert, plus the usual amuse-bouche and mignardises. 


    Everything was top notch from the produce to the cooking, the textures to the savors.  


    Gérald Passédat's technique and mastery were at their full expression, especially the roasted crab with peppercorns infused with fresh mint, and the finesse of the red mullet with a broth of pig's trotter and smoked eel. 


    Our dishes were paired with three wines from the domain La Coste : a white « La Pente Douce », then a second white « Le Grand Vin Blanc »and finally to wrap up our meal « La Grande Bulle » a superb sparkling rosé. 


    The service at Louison was perfect, professional, knowledgeable, efficient, warm and welcoming. 


    Louison is a true gem of a restaurant, probably one of the most beautiful in the world.


    Louison at Villa Lacoste  

    Adresse : 2750 route de la cride
    13610 Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade
    Téléphone : 04 42 50 50 00





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  •  L 'Auberge de Saint-Rémy de Provence de Fanny Rey et Jonathan Wahid est une invitation en Provence : le restaurant donne sur un magnifique patio intérieur, soigneusement mis en scène, les tables sont bien dispersées, et à la réception se trouve un bar à cocktails pour faire patienter les convives. 

    Fanny Rey s'est faite connaître lors de son passage à l'émission Top Chef en 2011 où elle s'est retrouvée en finale et son compagnon, Jonathan Wahid, n'est autre que le frère de Sylvain Wahid, le chef du restaurant Sylvestre à Paris. Leur restaurant vient d'obtenir une première étoile Michelin cette année et c'est ça qui nous a donné envie d'aller tester leur cuisine. 


    Pour notre dîner du 11 août 2017, nous avons choisi le menu « Bien-être et équilibre » en cinq séquences plus amuse-bouche et mignardises, le tout au tarif de 42 euros par personne. 


    Malheureusement, la cuisine de Fanny Rey manque de justesse, de saveurs et de goût à tous les niveaux : les produits ne sont ni sublimés ni inspirés voire même un point prétentieux comme illustré par notre plat « Retour de Pêche », du cabillaud accompagné de poireaux grillés et arrosé d'un bouillon d'herbes potagères. 


    Quant au dessert de Jonathan Wahid, une dacquoise légèrement herbacée et accompagnée d'un sorbet citron, il était quelconque. 


    Nous sommes allés de déception en déception, même le cocktail au champagne avec des fraises gariguettes était mal dosé. 


    A l'inverse, le service fut impeccable et efficace. 


    La carte des vins est exhaustive, avec une bouteille de champagne de Cristal Roederer 2005 à 1200 euros.


    En conclusion, pour nous, l'auberge de Saint-Rémy de Provence de Fanny Rey et Jonathan Wahid ne vaut pas le détour. 


    L'Auberge de Saint-Rémy de Provence

    12, Boulevard de Mirabeau

    13210 ST-Rémy de Provence

    Tél :+33 4 90 92 15 33


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  • Maloka Fogo & BrasaMaloka Fogo & BrasaMaloka Fogo & BrasaMaloka Fogo & BrasaMaloka Fogo & BrasaMaloka Fogo & BrasaMaloka Fogo & BrasaMaloka Fogo & BrasaMaloka Fogo & BrasaAvec Maloka Fogo & Brasa, Raphaël Rego, le chef brésilien d’Oka tape dans le mille.


    Attention!!! Cette table n’est pas un churrasco brésilien ordinaire, ici tout est travaillé avec soin du choix du produit de grande qualité à l’assiette soignée, même les couteaux sont design , rien n’est laissé au hasard.


    Raphaël Rego est un chef ambitieux, il a renommé son premier restaurant Oka, basé dans le neuvième, Maloka ; au mois de mars 2017 il a ouvert Maloka Fogo & Brasa dans le 7e arrondissement de Paris et depuis mi-avril, il a ouvert son restaurant gastronomique, Oka dans le 5e où il vise clairement des étoiles au guide Michelin.


    Revenons à notre déjeuner du samedi 5 août 2017 chez Maloka Fogo & Brasa : le chef nous offre un repas succulent pour 36 euros (entrée, plat et dessert) ou 43 euros avec son fameux Picanha de bœuf Wagyu en plus.


    La carte des vins est voyageuse et éclectique à l’image du chef.


    Le service charmant et impeccable par une jeune et jolie demoiselle.


    A faire absolument entre amis ou en famille avant d’aller tester son restaurant gastronomique Oka.


    Maloka Fogo & Brasa

    1 bis, rue Augereau

    75007 Paris

    Tél : 0142734854




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